About Us​

Supporting Investment Decisions Related to Energy Infrastructure

As populations grow and living standards improve around the world, so will demand for energy increase.  Energy demand in Southeast Asia alone is expected to grow by another 60% by 2040. Investment focus is changing to include renewable and sustainable sources of energy – which are important.  But renewables will not be able to meet all current and future demand for fuel and petrochemical feedstocks.  Markets will continue to exist for oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids.
Projects to develop new energy infrastructure must make economic and technical sense.  Increasingly, they must also satisfy stakeholder needs and meet ESG and regulatory requirements. PHI Energy Consulting can assist in initial assessments and all stages of a phase-gate process for projects related to energy infrastructure.  Previous experience includes gathering, processing, storage, transmission, distribution, marketing and global exports for natural gas and NGLs.

Our Approach to Customer Needs

Goals, financial and physical resources, competitive situation, business approach and cultural considerations all make every client unique.  Understanding the context of the work to be completed is an important first step to ensuring client needs are met.  From there, establishing the timing and delivery method for updates and deliverables is an important part of completing the work involved.

Like the client, project needs can differ widely ranging from market research or participation in brainstorming sessions to establishing Final Investment Decision criteria or a review of economic performance after operations begin.